Morrow Meadows

Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction

While we actively pursue smaller projects with our Special Projects Group, new construction is what Morrow-Meadows is renowned for in the industry.  We have extensive project experience in the following Commercial industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Sports-Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • High Tech Data/Telecom
  • Retail/Residential mixed use

Our single source construction services begin with a united team of professional, technical and support staff to ensure the most technically advanced and reliable design and installation effort in the industry.  In an industry where the smallest of shortcuts can lead to the largest of problems, we take our commitment to quality very seriously.  It is not just the quality of the installation you can see that is important, but it is what you can’t see that is the hallmark of a great electrical system.  Our construction teams are dedicated and trained to deliver:

  • Cost effective and reliable engineering and design analysis
  • Estimating and value engineered solutions
  • State of the Art field coordination and detailing
  • Thorough systems coordination
  • Scheduling advice
  • Prefabrication and on time delivery
  • The safest work environment we can help produce