Morrow Meadows

USC Galen Center

Project Details

Date: 2006

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Size: 10,258 person capacity

Attributes: Lighting Control,

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The Galen Center is a multipurpose indoor area and athletic facility owned and operated by the University of Southern California.  The center’s exterior lighting showcases sculptures embedded into the brick work on three sides.  Morrow-Meadows was awarded the 2007 NECA Electrical Excellence Prestige award for this project and the 2007 NECA Electrical Excellence award for the A-V package portion of this project.  The project consists of a main building and a pavilion with two floors.  There are 10,500 seats, 22 private suites and 40 recharging stations for wheelchairs on the main concourse.  LED lighting was provided as a special effect, complete with DMX control.  The electrical system was built on a 5KV system consisting of four large substations converting the power distribution to 480/277 volt.  The building also houses the DWP distribution system for a portion of the surrounding area along Flower and Jefferson streets.