Morrow Meadows

Riverside Convention Center

Project Details

Date: 2013

Location: Riverside, CA.

Size: 127,375

Attributes: Design Build, Design Assist, Lighting Control, BIM,

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• 100% LED illuminated multi-function exhibit hall
• 100% LED illuminated ballrooms, seminar & meeting rooms
• Individually addressable light fixture control
• REVIT modeling
• Design/Build
• Lighting wattage substantially below Title 24 requirements

Designed by Morrow Meadows’ in-house engineering team, the project is virtually 100% LED with individual fixture control, daylight harvesting and occupancy sensor control. The large glass north side of the building allows daylight harvesting with multi-level stages. Sectionalized ballroom lighting systems were utilized along with classroom/meeting room primary and secondary controls. Occupancy sensor control in parallel with automatic time control provided transparent operation to the users for after hours functions eliminating the need for complex programming. The lobby, exhibit halls and meeting rooms all had custom made light fixtures, The overall lighting experience is very energy efficient and simple to operate.