Morrow Meadows

Painted Turtle Camp

Project Details

Date: 2003

Location: Santa Monica, CA.

Size: over 100 acres

Attributes: Design Build, Preconstruction,

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The Painted Turtle Camp was founded by a group of 12 philanthropists, including Paul Newman, as a place for children with chronic and life threatening illnesses and their families to come and experience the joy of summer camp.  This facility is one of several nationwide that provide a caring and nurturing experience for kids in a safe camp environment built specifically for their needs.  Many of these kids rarely get the chance to experience this enriching childhood right of passage. Thousands of campers and their families come together each year to sing, dance, laugh, grow and discover their potential in an authentic camp experience that supports their medical needs and provides a respite from their daily medical challenges.  Morrow Meadows installed an extensive medium voltage backbone electrical distribution system and provided back-up generation for the onsite medical facility and was awarded the 2003 NECA Electrical Excellence for this project.