Morrow Meadows

Orange County Groundwater Replenishment

Project Details

Date: 2007

Location: Fountain Valley, CA.

Size: 70 MGD

Attributes: BIM,

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The new ground up facility known as the Orange County Groundwater Replenishment System (GWR) is designed to ultimately reuse 140,000 acre-feet per year of advanced treated wastewater.  The GWR System is comprised of three major components: advanced water treatment and pumping stations, a major pipeline connecting the water treatment to the existing recharge basins and the expansion of an existing seawater intrusion barrier.  This project is the largest secondary treatment facility in the world utilizing a complex system of filtration, reverse osmosis, UV treatment and post treatment conditioning to provide potable water for injection into the aquifer.  The electrical installation included medium voltage distribution to various new buildings from an existing substation.  Medium voltage VFD’s were installed in specific treatment processes along with the associated pumps and appurtenant systems.  Low voltage systems were also installed for equipment located in various treatment buildings.  A redundant fiber optic backbone was provided campus wide to facilitate the various systems.  Power, Fiber Optic and control systems were installed along a 20 mile length of conveyance piping from the plant to holding basins in Anaheim, CA.  Morrow Meadows was awarded the 2007 award for Electrical Excellence from NECA on this project.