Morrow Meadows

Nokia Plaza

Project Details

Date: 2008

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Size: 40,000

Attributes: Design Build, Lighting Control,

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Nokia Plaza is centrally located in the heart of the LA Live! entertainment complex.  This open air plaza hosts special events, community gatherings, festivals and live performances.  The plaza contains over 20,000 s.f. of LED signage on six 75′ towers and a 22′ x 40′ LED billboard.  The flexible space accommodates a variety of uses and provides “plug-and-play” technology to support a variety of events, broadcast capabilities and live performances.  Morrow Meadows provided and installed all the concealed electrical distribution and lighting control system below the plaza deck and within the legs and cross members of the towers for a clean and weatherproof system. Custom stainless steel audio/video control cabinets are located at each tower platform level and all plaza level lighting is controlled from a central location.  Morrow Meadows was awarded the 2008 NECA Electrical Excellence Award for this project.