Morrow Meadows

Medical Data Center

Project Details

Date: 2013

Location: Southern California

Size: 130,000 s.f.

Attributes: Design Build,

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Morrow-Meadows’ in-house Engineering team was the electrical engineer of record for this very sophisticated base isolation Data Center built in 2003.  The entire center is mounted on rubber base isolation pads that permit building displacement for earthquake protection.  The standby emergency generating system consists of five (5) 1750kW diesel generators for a total capacity of 8750kW/10,937 kVA.  The U.P.S. system consists of a ‘2N’ – 7.2MW topology. The electrical system has an “ultimate bypass” design that eliminates all singlepoint failures down to the PDU input.  Supported by a 10MW 66kV SCE service with 12kV distribution, the structure is designed to withstand the site maximum credible earthquake and operate for six days at full capacity without additional fuel. The building also includes the latest in central monitoring technology to assist the operating personnel and data center management during normal maintenance and emergencies.  In recent years, Morrow Meadows engineered, coordinated and installed the replacement of the UPS/back-up power system for this center.  Confidentiality agreements prevent us from naming the client or the specific location.