Morrow Meadows

LAX Terminal 5 Customs Renovation

Project Details

Date: 2011

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Size: 150,000 s.f.

Attributes: Preconstruction,

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Morrow Meadows installed all electrical work for the refurbishment of three levels of Terminal 5 to accommodate the revised layout for the processing of inbound international passengers arriving at LAX.  New build out areas included the US Immigration Primary and Secondary Interview and Luggage Inspection facilities.  The project also included new Delta Airlines Customer Service facilities to assist passengers with connecting flight services after clearing into the country.  Morrow Meadows experienced significant scope changes with a doubling of the electrical scope of work with no schedule extension.  The result was 12 weeks of crew overtime to absorb the impact of the design changes.  The scope of work involved a large low voltage component to support Airline systems such as Baggage Information Display, Gate Information Display, Access Control and Monitoring and various security systems for Immigration screening.  Morrow Meadows was awarded the 2012 NECA Electrical Excellence Award for this project.