Morrow Meadows

LA County Natural History Museum

Project Details

Date: 2013

Location: Los Angeles, CA.


Size: 410,000 s.f.

Attributes: Lighting Control,

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Morrow Meadows furnished and installed new lighting fixtures, electrical devices, lighting control, switchgear, fire alarm, security system and a 33,600 LED lighting background for the renovation of this important cultural and educational resource in the Los Angeles community.  In time for the institution’s 100-year anniversary, the renovation project provided utility, exhibit and lighting upgrades to the Museum’s original 1913 building.  Exhibit areas, a café and museum store, 3 acres of outdoor gardens, site work and construction of the Otis Booth Pavilion, which serves as the new entrance facing the new Expo Line were all upgraded during this work.  Morrow Meadows was awarded the NECA Electrical Excellence award for this project in 2014.