Morrow Meadows

Kaiser San Diego Central Hospital Campus

Project Details

Date: June 2017

Location: San Diego, CA

Size: 565,000 sf

Attributes: Prefab, Preconstruction, Lighting Control, BIM, LEED Certified,

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MMC is pleased to announce the completion of the Kaiser Permanente San Diego Central Hospital Campus Project.  This state of art facility features a 565,000 sf Hospital building, 36,000 sf Energy Center, 60,000sf Hospital Support Building, 7-Story (1479 Space) Parking Structure and 19 acres of plush landscaping, walkways, water features and enhanced Site lighting.  The Hospital building consists of 273 active patient rooms with electrical provisions for 48 more rooms in the future, (12) LDRP Suites, (12) Operating Rooms, (3) C-Section Operating Rooms, (2) CT Scan Rooms, (1) MRI Room and Emergency Department with (39) beds.  The Hospital is complemented by a 100% LED lighting system and variety of advanced technologies including an integrated approach to each patient room that allows for patients to control room features such as lighting, HVAC, shades, TV and even the ability to Skype their nurse or doctor—all without leaving the bed.  90% of these installations were performed by MMC.  The building technologies are also enhanced by a complex lighting control system that consists of a Crestron Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) system at each patient room and the nurse corridors.  This system is networked back to a central server and ultimately displayed on a graphical user interface located inside the Energy Center allowing facility personnel global on/off functionality and dimming control of each light.  Another highlighted feature of the building is the networked RGB lighting control system.  RGB lights were installed in several areas inside and outside the building contributing to one of the more unique building lighting systems in San Diego County.  Facility personnel also have the ability to control RGB lighting throughout the campus from the same graphical user interface station as the DALI system.  Energy conservation was a key initiative for the project and as a result, nearly one megawatt of onsite power is generated within the campus through a combination of photovoltaic and microturbine (trigen) systems.  These systems along with the 100% LED lighting system design and numerous other conservation technologies contributed to Kaiser achieving LEED Healthcare Platinum status—-only the 4th Hospital in the world to achieve such status.  MMC is extremely proud to be a part of such a historic and landmark project.