Morrow Meadows

F.E. Weymouth WTP Power Station

Project Details

Date: 2012

Location: LaVerne, CA.

Size: 520MGD

Attributes: Preconstruction,

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The F.E Weymouth Water Treatment Plant was the first filtration plant built by the Metropolitan Water District in 1940.  Through continuous expansion and upgrades, the plant is capable of delivering 520 million gallons of potable water per day (MGD).  Morrow Meadows furnished and installed new medium voltage power distribution, electrical switchgear equipment, several unit substations, motor control centers, instrumentation and controls, fiber optics and communication systems for the facility upgrade.  The project included two buildings, yard conduits and piping, modification of plant utilities, removal and replacement of a rail spur, connection, testing and commissioning, installation of MWD furnished equipment and systems.  The project was awarded the NECA 2013 award for Electrical Excellence.