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John Harriel Testifies on Capitol Hill

John Harriel Testifies on Capitol Hill

February 27, 2020

John Harriel was invited by the Honorable Karen Bass, 37th Congressional District, Chairwoman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security to testify before the Committee on the issue of Returning Citizens: Challenges and Opportunities for Reentry.  The committee is working on meaningful federal legislation that will address the very real needs of returning citizens and the difficult path they experience in their return to society after having served their time.  John’s testimony and that of the entire panel provided the members with an unvarnished look into what formerly incarcerated people need from their community and their country in order to move onto productive and meaningful lives after prison.

You can view the compelling testimony by following this link :

John’s testimony begins at the 40-minute mark in this video.

Morrow Meadows is extremely lucky and proud to call John family and we are so grateful for the difference he makes in our community every day. John is the very essence of our core value of Treating People Fairly.