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Employee Spotlight: John Harriel

Employee Spotlight: John Harriel

December 9, 2016



In August of 1998, John Harriel, was just a year out of prison and a new Apprentice in the Los Angeles Local 11, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union (IBEW). He came to Morrow Meadows Corporation with a strong desire to learn and a daily commitment to doing the best job he could do.  After just 6 years in the trade, he was promoted to foreman.  Today,  John is an outstanding Project Superintendent, teaches Thursday night classes at the community based, 2nd CALL organization, is on the Executive Board for Local 11 IBEW and is a dedicated mentor and champion for those at risk in his community who have the desire to work hard to change their lives.  See the links below for more on John’s story of how the IBEW saved his life and how his unwavering dedication in South-LA is making a difference in the lives of at risk and proven-risk men and women by bringing them into the electrical trade.