Morrow Meadows

Dodger Stadium Renovation

Project Details

Date: 2013

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Size: 56,000 person capacity

Attributes: Design Build, Preconstruction, Lighting Control,

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Morrow Meadows was the contractor selected to install a complete upgrade and retrofit of the existing field level concessions, offices, substation and support space including low voltage cabling for data, fiber, WiFi and DAS.  This project also included all new energy efficient lighting and controls.  The project added two new baseline box clubs and included a remodel of the existing stadium club and was completed on a 150 day schedule, in time for the 2013 season Opening Day.  At the height of the project, Morrow-Meadows employed 320 electricians and low voltage technicians for 3 shifts to meet the aggressive schedule. The substation and the low voltage system projects each received the NECA Electrical Excellence award in 2014.